Astrology OF Relationships (INGKit-12)

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It is a general rule of traditional astrology: Nothing happens unless promised in the natal chart. therefore, in order to make an astrological evaluation of domestic or interpersonal relationships, first of all we need to examine the natal charts of the individuals involved. through examining the natal chart, we may foresee if the native’s chart promise marriage, if his partner has the qualities which are suitable for being his spouse and what he may experience in his relationships or marriage. if the native’s chart indicates some difficulties with regards to relationships, then the native will necessarily attract a partner who will bring him such difficulties.


While analyzing interpersonal relationships, we need a comparison of the individual natal charts. This comparison is called “synastry” which is one of the important branches of astrology. It simply gives us information how these two people influence each other’s personalities and life styles based on their individual natal charts. The information obtained through a synastry analysis provides the people useful information to review and renew their relationships. It gives them an objective perspective on what kind of influences they personally make on their relationships. They get the chance to get detailed information, which no other provides, on the quality of their relationship and the situations which brings happiness or stress. As they may see where they have the less and the more compatibility chance in their relationship, they may re-inforce the areas of compatibility and overcome difficulties more easily.


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